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Playground Game Learning 

Children typically learn games in the playground through trial and error, as well as by watching and imitating other children who already know how to play the game. As they play, children may also ask questions and seek help from their peers or older children who are more experienced at the game. Through this process of experimentation, observation, and interaction with others, children are able to learn the rules and strategies of the game, as well as develop their physical skills and coordination. Additionally, playing games in the playground can also help children develop social skills, such as teamwork, communication, and problem-solving.

Strategic Planning

Good strategic planning could be an elusive art. Still, good Strategic Planning can provide many benefits for organizations. With LeanStorming™ tools, your team will learn exercises to have Better alignment and coordination, get agreement on what is really important, and how to align resources to achieve its goals.


Supply Chain Optimization

Because of new global realities, the supply chain industry is becoming increasingly complex and volatile. The supply chain industry is facing increasing cost pressures, due to factors such as rising labor and transportation costs, as well as increasing competition and regulatory scrutiny. With LeanStorming™ proprietary tools, your team will be able to right-size inventories, mitigate the noise of supply complexity and execute seamlessly. 

Truck Driving by Lake

Problem Solving

In today's fast-paced and constantly changing world problems come in all shapes and forms. With LeanStorming™ strategic tools, your team will learn how to find the root cause of problems and apply a cyclic methodic iteration of improvement based on logic and evidence, rather than impulse or gut feeling.

Math Teacher

Visual Dashboarding

Does your team know if it is winning right now? Data visualization is an elusive science for most teams. With the LeanStorming™ Dashboards tools, your team will learn tips and tools so they can have Improved visibility and transparency, enhanced decision-making, increased efficiency and productivity, and enhanced security and control.

Financial Data

Team Communication

Speed is the currency of our generation. With the LeanStorming™ Communication tools, your team will learn and practice communication tools to quickly adapt to changes, improve collaboration among team members, better transparency, and increase productivity. Agile communication can also help teams to avoid misunderstandings and ensure that everyone is on the same page. This can ultimately lead to better project outcomes and a more successful team.


Effective Meetings

Most meetings are a waste of time, but a good meeting can help to improve communication, increase productivity, facilitate better decision-making, improve collaboration, and increase morale among team members. With the LeanStorming™ Meeting tools, your team will learn the types of meetings, its strength, and their weakness, so they can methodically use the correct meeting for each problem.

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